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St Stephen?s House

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College Investments (03/04): Unknown
Active Campaign?: No.
We don't know of anyone who is actively campaigning on SRI within this institution at the moment. If you know different, or are would like to be the contact for getting an SRI campaign started (or re-started) within this college, please get in touch.
Fairtrade Campaign? You may consider working alongside the Fairtrade campaign in your college to look at wider issues of Social Responsibility. Click here for details on Fairtrade in your college.
These pages of the website exist as an interactive way of campaigners across colleges to record their activities and findings, both for easy reference now, and to make sure the SRI campaign remains sustainable into the future. You can share resources (e.g. documents, reports, data) and updates (brief summaries of what you've been up to, news, questions) simply by clicking the links below and following the steps shown. These pages also include research tools to help you keep an eye on any SRI developments that may be relevant to your college...

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No updates available. Contact your college rep or the Oxford SRI campaign for information on action in your college.

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Link to this page: http://www.srioxford.org.uk/colleges/StStephen?sHouse

Oxford Socially Responsible Investment Campaign is campaigning for clear committment to Socially Responsible Investment from Oxford University and for greater financial transparency in the investments of Oxford University Colleges. This website contains information about the campaign, and details on how you can get involved