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College Investments (03/04): £300 million
Active Campaign?: Yes
College Contact: ethics@ousu.org
Recent Activities: Any activities in this institution should be logged in the updates and reports section below, or in the discussion space.
Fairtrade Campaign? You may consider working alongside the Fairtrade campaign in your college to look at wider issues of Social Responsibility. Click here for details on Fairtrade in your college.
These pages of the website exist as an interactive way of campaigners across colleges to record their activities and findings, both for easy reference now, and to make sure the SRI campaign remains sustainable into the future. You can share resources (e.g. documents, reports, data) and updates (brief summaries of what you've been up to, news, questions) simply by clicking the links below and following the steps shown. These pages also include research tools to help you keep an eye on any SRI developments that may be relevant to your college...

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12/02/06: Arms Investment Demo - Monday 5th Wk - 1.45 - Protest University Gag on Student Calls for Socially Responsible Investment in Oxford
University Gags Student Calls for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). Demonstration Called for Monday 5th Week (Tomorrow) - 1.45 – 2.15
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25/04/06: Update and Next Meeting
Last term (HT06) we put a paper to Council in 5th week, coupled with a big petition drive. They decided that they didn't want to talk about it then, citing a broader endowment review and saying they wanted to discuss the two together. Our Paper went to Council this Monday (TT06 Wk 1), but only as an Annexe to a rebuttal paper prepared by a working party convened without any student involvement. The campaign will be meeting this Wednesday (TT06 Weds Wk 1) to discuss our next campaigning steps...
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17/02/06: Vice Chancellor Responds to Accusations of Ignoring SRI Paper to Council
University Vice-Chancellor John Hood today clarified his understanding of the failure of the SRI Paper to appear on Monday’s University Council Agenda (M 5th Wk HT06).
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14/01/06: Alan Budd Commissioned to write university investment report
Oxford's vice-chancellor, John Hood, has also commissioned a report from Sir Alan Budd, the former Treasury economist who is now provost of Queen's College Oxford, on how the university manages its investments.
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14/01/06: Investment Pooling Starting
At Oxford, a group of colleges led by Christ Church and St Catherine's is setting up a fund called Oxford Investment Management, to be launched in March. The colleges hope to pool their endowment funds for a range of investments, including venture capital, and hope the fund will attract investment from Cambridge colleges as well.
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30/01/05: Info Request: University Investment Policies
I have recieved a copy of the University Treasury Management Code of Practise instead of the Investment Policy...
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04/11/04: Info Request Update: University Investment Policies
I have requested a copy of the University Investment Policies from the Uni Information Officer. I have been told that these are currently being updated, but should be available soon.
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21/10/04: Vice Chancellor explains Investment Committee Stance on SRI
In this letter to, and reply from, Dr John Hood, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, an outline of the current investment policy of the central University’s Investment Committee is given.
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12/10/04: Unconfirmed Report: Oxford Uni Not Investing In Tobacco Companies
I have heard that Oxford University have a specific policy not to invest in Tobbaco companies. At present I've not been able to confirm this.
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01/02/06: Report to Council - 5th Week HT06 (.doc)
A report to Univerity Council to call for stronger, more rigorous and more effective policy to govern the £400m invested centrally by the University. The paper outlines what is wrong with the current SRI approach (using the Good Corporations Charter) and sets out key proposals for actions the University should take - including the divestment of all shareholding in companies with 10% or more materiality (activity) in the Arms Trade.
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26/01/06: Council Paper '06 (.doc)
Here's the paper that's off to Council in 5th week
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28/10/05: Information about the companies Oxford university invests in (.doc)
These include many of the nasty companies in the FTSE indices as well as Barclays / HSBC / British American Tobacco / GlaxoSmithKline / BP / Shell.
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29/11/04: Report to Council 2004 - Draft Version 8.1 (.doc)
The near final version of a report to be submitted to University JCC in 2004. This report sets out why the current SRI position of the University, using the Good Corporations Charter, is insufficient, and why a new approach is needed to constitute an effective and credible SRI policy.
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29/11/04: 2004 JCC Report Appendix D - Examples of SRI Success (.doc)
Examples of SRI Success. Including with reference to Ilisu Dam, GSK in South Africa, and Apartheid in SA.
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29/11/04: 2004 JCC Report Apendix C - Corporate Irresponsibility (.doc)
A single side of A4 detailing the corporate irresponsibility of a number of firms. Including examples with respect to Burma, Bhopal and arms sales to Indonesia.
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29/11/04: Report to MT04 8th Wk Joint Consultative Committee of Oxford University
The following report will be sent to 8th Wk (MT04) Joint Consultative Committee from OUSU. The report sets out the case for SRI, with a view to evolving the University's current policies with regards to the 'Good Corporations Charter'
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02/11/04: Oxford Student Article: Up in arms
This OxStu article from 2001 details actions of the previous SRI 'Not In Our Name' campaign.
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Oxford Socially Responsible Investment Campaign is campaigning for clear committment to Socially Responsible Investment from Oxford University and for greater financial transparency in the investments of Oxford University Colleges. This website contains information about the campaign, and details on how you can get involved