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The Socially Responsible Investment Campaign is co-ordinated through the Oxford University Student's Union Ethics Committee.

You can find the Ethics Committee webpages here . The Ethics Committee meet 7pm at the OUSU offices every Tuesday during term. Ethics Committee meetings are open to all current students.

For more information the Socially Responsible Investment campaign, or to find out if anything it taking place in your college, contact Tom - tom@srioxford.org.uk .

If you have any questions about this website, please contact tim@srioxford.org.uk

Posted on 19/09/04 by admin

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brianspence 03/10/05 10:11:09
We are offering bursaries for our economie 06 SRI conference in Zurich next October. I would be pleased to discuss the opportunities with the appropriate individual.


Brian Spence

brianspence 17/10/05 22:04:07

Check out www.economie.co.uk
click on economie 06
A microsite for the conference will be available later this week.



admin 17/10/05 19:57:03
Hello Brian

Many thanks. I'd be really interested to find out more. Is there somewhere I can look to find out more details about the conference?

brianspence 18/10/05 11:34:47
Hi Tim

Check the site from time to time. Full details will be uploaded towards the end of this week and the beginning of next.


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