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Sometimes known as CATerpillar, this company are involved (according to the UN, Amnesty International, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and Human Rights Watch) in the Israeli Army's abuse of Human Rights in Occupied Palestine.

Caterpillar provide the specially-adapted D9 military bulldozers to Israel's armed forces. These machines are used to demolish Palestinian homes, shops, olive groves and orchards. Homes are demolished as collective punishment, not targeting those who are even thought to be guilty, only those who live in places the army doesn't want them to be, or whose punishment is supposed to be an example to the local community. Many people have been killed in these operations, including Rachel Corrie, an American peaceworker, a pregnant woman and a paraplegic man. Caterpillar equipment plays an important role in preparation for Israel`s apartheid wall. The wall has been judged illegal by the International Court of Justice. Check out this from last month:

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