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Both Wadham and St. John's have JCR policy against Coca-Cola and are moving to get rid of it altogether. The following facts were taken from the motions that achieved this. If you want to see the whole thing, perhaps to use in your CR, then get in touch (thomas.dale@ccc.ox.ac.uk )

* In Kerala, India the Coca Cola Plant established in 1998-99 on a 40 acre plot (previously paddy fields) has had devastating affects on the water supply. The plant appropriates ground water resources and water in wells has hence rapidly depleted; many have to walk miles for drinking water. The plant releases chemicals into the ground water which makes it unfit for drinking. The company have attempted to sell their slurry waste to farmers.
* In the US in 2000, faced with charges of racial discrimination by 2000 African-American employees in Atlanta, Georgia, Coca Cola made an out of court settlement of $192.5 million.
* In Columbia, Coca Cola have not denied using paramilitaries to murder, torture and detain trade union leaders. They merely claim that they can not be held liable in a US Federal Court for occurrences in Columbia.
* In the US in 2002 the Coca Cola company and its network of bottlers were cited for 222 violations of Federal Health and Safety standards by the OHSA.

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