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Bank Ethically: Make Your Money Talk


When you bank with most high-street banks you have no real influence over how your savings are being used, or what activities the bank is supporting. However, with ethical banking you can be sure that your savings are not supporting the arms trade, environmental degradation and other unethical activities.

What is ethical banking?

The funds you put into your bank account are given out in loans to individuals and businesses. For most banks, financial return is the only criteria they consider when giving loans - but ethical bank accounts take into consideration wider issues around environmental protection, social responsibility and human rights.

The exact loan giving criteria of ethical banks vary - but all have a focus on making sure you are aware of what your money is supporting.

What ethical banks are there?

The co-operative bank currently operates one of the only high-street bank accounts with an ethical focus. However, a number of online and postal accounts also offer ethical banking….

More information coming soon…..

Posted on 04/10/04 by admin

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