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Corporate Monitors

Corporate Monitors sites containing information about corporations in general, or about multiple corporations.

www.corporatewatch.org - archived investigative reports on many corporations, from the people based down the end of St. Clements'. Includes a guide on how to research companies .

www.caat.org.uk - Campaign Against Arms Trade. Information on many specific arms companies, as well as the industry in general. Includes information for action. See their Clean Investment Campaign section - SRI, basically.

www.corporations.org - An awful lot of information. Scary. Their research guide .

McSpotlight's 'beyond' section - This section gives a concise and usable guide to the skulduggery of many different Multi-Nationals. It's developed from the McSpotlight Website , which was originally set up as support for the famous 'McLibel' trials, in which McDonald's failed to show they didn't 'exploit children', abuse animals or discriminate against unions.

www.badcorp.org - The 'top 9 evil corporations', no less. Includes the classics: Nike, GAP, Nestle, Exxon, McDonald's etc. A debateable selection, but good info and slick presentation.

multinationalmonitor.org - feature magazine about multinationals' activities. For example, about Haliburton in Iraq

www.corpwatch.org - 'Holding Corporations Acountable', a site from America. Features based, but with sections on issues and campaigns . Includes research guide .

www.transnationale.org - OK free section by industry, product and issue. Plus massive (and expensive) pay section.

www.ethicalconsumer.org - 'looking at the social and environmental records of the companies behind the brand names'.

www.wrm.org.uy - The World Rainforest Movement. Good place to research those responsibe for deforestation etc.

www.corporatecrimereporter.com - Mostly focusses on recording corporate crime within the United States. Gotta love the 'Top 100 Criminals of the Decade' section though.

www.burmacampaign.org.uk - the UK site of the campaign for a free and democratic Burma, a country ruled by a despotic military junta. A major part of the campaign is to stop Western companies supporting the regime with taxes from the factories they operate there. Look at the 'dirty list' to see which companies are helping keep the junta solvent and democratically elected leader and St. Hugh's graduate Aung Sung Suu Kyi under arrest.

www.theyrule.net - slick mapping presentation of the links between US firms and institutions. Includes function for finding how common directors link two companies... scary.

www.gooshing.co.uk - information to help you shop more ethically, including ehtical ratings of major highstreet brands. You can search by type of good you want to buy, or by brand.

www.disinfopedia.org - 'An encyclopedia of people, issues and groups shaping the public agenda'. With research advice.

Google's directory of 'Alledgedly Unethical Firms'. More links, basically. People really hate Microsoft, it seems.

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