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Research Resources

Useful things on the internet. Helpful for research.

The Akme Site . This guy has got some sort of grudge against OUP/Oxbridge in general. For some reason, he has therefore decided to put all the Oxford colleges' accounts from about 2 years ago on the net. Don't ask us.

www.charity-commission.gov.uk - colleges are charities. But of a special legal nature. This site might be helpful.

AMADEUS and FAME are two massive corporate research databases available to all Oxford Students for free, but would cost a huge amount to use otherwise. They contain detailed information on a huge range of companies, including major shareholders and board-members.

Chapter 29 of the Trustee Act 2000 , which mostly determines how Governing Body members have to act in their capacity of trustees of the college charity. Will also allow you to access the rest of the act.

www.goodcorporation.com - Some company that is in the business of saying that other companies are good. Has a charter, which deals with issues such as staff development, but is a little hazy on the legitimacy of selling bombs to distatorships. Alan Budd, Provost of Queen's, Chair of the University Investment Committee, is on the Advisory Panel. University "Council agreed to endorse the approach contained within the Good Corporation Charter and to ask the Investment Committee to instruct fund managers to pursue the adoption of the principles contained within the Charter when speaking to companies in which they were investing". (will find the date of this resolution soon).

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Oxford Socially Responsible Investment Campaign is campaigning for clear committment to Socially Responsible Investment from Oxford University and for greater financial transparency in the investments of Oxford University Colleges. This website contains information about the campaign, and details on how you can get involved