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 Calling for Socially Responsible Investment across Oxford University

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Update Mailing List:
If you want to keep up to date with the campaign, with periodic e-mail announcing SRI updates and activities, then visit OUSULive , and opt-in to the Ethics list there.

If you are not an Oxford Student, or don't have access to OUSULive, then contact ethics@ousu.org requesting regular update information.

Discussion List
If you are interested in taking part in discussion around SRI in Oxford, or want to recieve more in depth updates about activities taking place within the campaign, then you can sign up to the RiseUp Discussion list here .

The discussion list will allow anyone to recieve and post messages concerning SRI in Oxford - so whether you're already in involved in the campaign, have information to share, or looking to find out more about getting actively involved, then this is the list to sign up to .

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Oxford Socially Responsible Investment Campaign is campaigning for clear committment to Socially Responsible Investment from Oxford University and for greater financial transparency in the investments of Oxford University Colleges. This website contains information about the campaign, and details on how you can get involved