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Appendix 2 - Model Common Room Motion

You will have to produce a digest of both the information on the current system and on the views of your common room (from the questionnaire or another source) and be ready to distribute them at the meeting. You may want to make them part of the motion itself (in place of points 1 and 2).

This Common Room Notes

1. The contents of attached document entitled “The current state of the college’s investments.”

2. The attached results of the questionnaire on common room opinion of College Investment policy.

3. That there are areas of divergence between the two. (you may wish to elaborate)

This Common Room Believes

1. Socially Responsible investment is an important tool for improving company’s behaviour

2. That the use of college’s investment capital should take into account ethical criteria

3. That it is possible to conduct a socially responsible investment policy without transgressing charitable law or causing detriment to our financial recourses.

This Common Room Resolves

1. That the college should pursue a socially responsible investment policy which reflects the common room opinions noted.

2. To mandate the common room committee to form an ethical investment group to construct a proposal to and conduct negotiations with the colleges governing body to bring this about.

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