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Posted on 09/05/05 by admin

EXXON MOBIL is a major oil company. As recently as 2002, its chair made the statement:
"Now we in ExxonMobil do not believe that the science required to establish this linkage between fossil fuels and [global] warming has been demonstrated"

Although ExonMobil no longer openly denies the link between burning fossil fuels and climate change, (which is of course accepted by the scientific community and by most governments as reality) its actions speak louder than words.

Whilst other oil companies are *trying* to greenwash themselves a bit (though they're a long way from squeaky clean, but that's another story...), Exxon remains unwilling to invest any resources in researching renewable energy sources, and actively encourages climate change denial.

The Kyoto protocol is an international agreement intended to take the first steps towards tackling global warming. It has now come into force, thanks to Russia ratifying it officially in November last year, but the USA – the largest per capita emitter of CO2 in the world – refuses to ratify. Is the Bush administration’s attitude to climate change and the Kyoto protocol related in any way to Exxon’s donation of $2.35 million to Bush’s election campaigns? Hmmm…

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