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21/08/05 : LMH index funds information
Resources - College Specific> We have portfolio documents from November 04 for 7 of LMH's funds (details below), to get the complete portfolio contact the central campaign ethics@ousu.org

25/02/05 : Freedom of Information Application
Resources - College Specific> This is the application we submitted on 31st January 2005, which was forwarded to Dr Boyce and Sir Michael Scholar to consider.

23/11/04 : University of Iowa SRI campaign
Resources - College Specific> Please help us out by writing an email to our university president, which you can do just by typing in your name and email on this website. Also, look at our website and give any feedback to me at chad-aldeman@uiowa.edu

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Oxford Socially Responsible Investment Campaign is campaigning for clear committment to Socially Responsible Investment from Oxford University and for greater financial transparency in the investments of Oxford University Colleges. This website contains information about the campaign, and details on how you can get involved