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Resources - Freedom of Information

28/12/05 : Living Wage (and related issues) FoI request
Resources - Freedom of Information> Just like it says on the tin.

21/06/05 : How to use 'The Act.'
Resources - Freedom of Information> This is an excellent guide to the Freedom of Information Act, as produced by the folks at the Campaign for Freedom of Information. They also do trainings, which are well worth it, check out their front page at http://www.cfoi.org

17/06/05 : Freedom of Information model letter (University or College ethical purchasing)
Resources - Freedom of Information> This letter can be sent to any College or University, in order to try and find out who's in charge of buying merchandise and where they buy from. Also with some tips on general research.

31/05/05 : CAAT May 2005 info on Oxford arms investments(.doc)
Resources - Freedom of Information> This file contains a summary of what CAAT had found out about the state of Oxford College arms investments using the Freedom of Information Act by the end of May 2005... read it and weep.

22/05/05 : Model FoI letter (Universities)
Resources - Freedom of Information> A basic Freedom of Information application you can send to any university, which they will have to answer. If they give you an unhelpful reply, get in touch with us, and we'll see what we can do...

22/05/05 : Model Freedom of Information letter (College & University investments)
Resources - Freedom of Information> This can be submitted to Colleges under the Freedom of Information Act. They have to answer. Please get in touch if there're any problems.

22/05/05 : College FoI contacts
Resources - Freedom of Information> Here are the addresses of Freedom of Information Contacts for the Oxford Colleges. Please let us know if there're any changes.

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