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Resources - Financial and Legal Issue

15/06/05 : Sources and comments on law and finance in SRI
Resources - Financial and Legal Issue> Some key quotes from the law and finance of SRI, including a summary, at the end, of the form of the argument you may have to have on this. This is a working draft, and we will try to update it to a formal guide in due course.

14/06/05 : EIRIS Guide to SRI for Trustees (.pdf)
Resources - Financial and Legal Issue> EIRIS have produced this guide especially to help trustees develop an SRI policy. They'll happily send you hard copies - just get in touch by the details on their website.

14/06/05 : April 2005 Telegraph Article
Resources - Financial and Legal Issue> Telegraph Article on Ethical Investment - with some interesting stats

25/05/05 : Cabinet Office Strategy Unit on SRI(.pdf)
Resources - Financial and Legal Issue> A marvellous statement from the government, stating their view that charities should feel able to exercise SRI constraints.

13/04/05 : Ethical fund top performer!
Resources - Financial and Legal Issue> Ethical fund 2nd best performer of 1000 in the last decade!

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