You can get in touch by e-mail by e-mailing my first name

You can also find me on twitter as @timdavies.

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  1. Greetings from Helsinki

    I am working in esf project M-kanava (M-channel). Project will support youth workers with the youth guarantee process. Process will happen by open access /platform – working in cultural arena Gloria in Helsinki which belongs to Helsinki City Youth Department ( Our project belongs to Metropolia Unveristy of Applied Sciences (Games and Media department). Our project is visiting East London University 14. – 18.10.2014
    We got your contact from Suvi Kuikka. Now asking is it possible to meet you in London?
    I will send you more information about our project. My best regards Leena

  2. Hey Tim,

    Sorry, I’m not quite sure which is the better email addy to reach you at, concerning helping out with open contracting – and possibly open data services interface design/data vis things.
    In any event, should you folks need some consultation for a good cause, I’m happy to lend an ear and recommendations.

    Keep well and all,


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