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21/10/05 : Model Common Room Boycott Coke motion
Resources - Coke Sucks> A motion which you can modify to suit the needs of your college and Common Room. Includes resolutions for taking different degrees of action towards boycotting coke and standing with the company's victims world-wide.

06/06/05 : CR motion about CRs' use of Coca-Cola for entz and bars
Resources - Coke Sucks> A motion roughly like this has been passed by both St. John's and Wadham. This one has got SJC's name in, so you'd have to change it to use it in your Common Room...

06/06/05 : CR motion about the Coke scholarships
Resources - Coke Sucks> This motion only deals with the fact that Linacre and the ECI accepted the sponsorship of Coke, and expresses the view that they shouldn't have done. It doesn't seek to use the CR's purchases to punish Coke and support alternatives. It was passed on June 5th 2005 in Mansfield JCR.

09/05/05 : Coca-Cola
Resources - Coke Sucks> Both Wadham and St. John's have JCR policy against Coca-Cola and are moving to get rid of it altogether. The following facts were taken from the motions that achieved this.

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