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Rubbish Corporations : Archive

Resources - Coke Sucks> Both Wadham and St. John's have JCR policy against Coca-Cola and are moving to get rid of it altogether. The following facts were taken from the motions that achieved this.

Rubbish Corporations> Haliburton is a company providing logistics and infra structure services, most notably to the military and the oil and gas industries. It recently managed to get $500m worth of contracts working in post war Iraq, despite a history of overspending and account fraud.

Rubbish Corporations> GlaxoSmithKline is a major pharmaceutical company in Britain, and in fact the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. It produces drugs, and ‘consumer health products’ such as Nicorette, Horlick’s, Lucozade and Ribena.

Rio Tinto
Rubbish Corporations> Rio Tinto is a mining company that has been heavily criticised for its operations in Indonesia. Open cast mining in Indonesia’s protected forests is incredibly environmentally damaging, yet big mining companies like Rio Tinto continually apply pressure to the Indonesian government to grant exceptions to the protective legislation.

Rubbish Corporations> There are several major tobacco companies – BAT, Philip Morris, the Gallaher Group and Imperial Tobacco, and it’s disgraceful for an academic institution carrying out cancer research to hold investments in any of them. But just to focus in on BAT…

Rubbish Corporations> OK, so Monsanto isn’t actually a UK based company, and doesn’t appear in the FTSE100. However, biotechnology issues – particularly GM – are likely to be more and more important as time goes on.

Rubbish Corporations> The dubious honour of being the first rubbish company of Trinity Term falls to WALMART (or, probably most relevantly in England ASDA-WALMART, since ASDA was bought up by Walmart in 1999).

Rubbish Corporations> Not all CRs across Oxford boycott Nestle, but many do. This is why: the below facts show that in a definite, concrete sense Nestle is responsible for the death of huge numbers of infants every year, the world over.

Rubbish Corporations> Sometimes known as CATerpillar, this company are involved (according to the UN, Amnesty International, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and Human Rights Watch) in the Israeli Army's abuse of Human Rights in Occupied Palestine.

Rubbish Corporations> Nike has been in the media a lot over the past decade for its appalling labour standards, but despite this, continues to source clothing from factories where the labourers are paid far less than is feasible to support a family.

Rubbish Corporations> EXXON MOBIL is a major oil company. As recently as 2002, its chair made the statement: 'Now we in ExxonMobil do not believe that the science required to establish this linkage between fossil fuels and [global] warming has been demonstrated'

BAE Systems
Rubbish Corporations> BAE SYSTEMS plc is a global arms company, with interests also in civilian avionics and engineering.

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