The joy of trains (and offline rss readers)

I've made it. I've whittled the cloud of 600 blog posts and links that have been hanging over me for a fortnight down to just 17 that I need to follow up when I finally make it back home. Things started getting bad when the deadlines for launching the new Participation Works gateway co-incided with preparation for The Youth Summit, the tail end of Actions Speak Louder and running the final 3D dialogue – bizzarly being held on the set of Hollyoaks.

The trouble with bloggers is they keep on posting fantastic nuggets of wisdom and ideas even when I've not got the time to read them. And the really interesting people I'm reading, keep on pointing out other really interesting people who I could learn a lot from as well – and soon my news-reader is bursting at the seams with condensed learning, inspriation and peripheral knowledge.

The upside, however, of an accumulation of a never-ending-flow of blog posts is that is makes delays on the train a positively helpful and positive experience. I'm writing right now from Peterborough Station. Peterborough is definitely not on the route from London to Leicester… apart from when all the trains from London to Leicester are cancelled, and you have to meander home the long way. And such a meander provides just the time I need for catching up on my personal learning and blog reading.

2 thoughts on “The joy of trains (and offline rss readers)”

  1. Hi there
    The way you put it is really tempting. Do you recommend any offline RSS reader for fellow public travelers??
    Nice blog though. I do like “youthful” activities:))
    see you

  2. Hello Tye

    Well, I was using Google Reader’s offline feature… (makes use of Google Gears). It’s not 100% reliable… but as I find I’m using Google Reader online, it’s the best bet for keeping my reading in sync…

    That said, I’ve been really short of train journeys of late… so desperately in need of a few to catch up on blog-reading…

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