Online forums and hacks (of the journalist variety)

In a presentation about a local Finnish youth website:

In research conversations with journalists in the local area where the website is based – it was found that all the journalists interviewed used the site as a source for stories. In the case of young people calling for a skating hall in the town – it sounds like journalists were taking young peoples discussions and views from the online forum and putting them to decision makers to get answers on their behalf – and to keep the campaign going in a way that led to a skating hall being built… (!)

That raises some interesting questions:

How many local journalists are picking up positive stories from your local youth website? Is there anything for them to pick up? How can a local youth discussion forum provide positive space for young peoples' voice to cross over into the mainstream media? Or are we going to need some Finnish journalists before we can see the same happening here?

One thought on “Online forums and hacks (of the journalist variety)”

  1. I think that such youth sites need to identify the problems in society, the youth, what views they have, and not just political. very useful resource, it is necessary in all countries make similar!

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