31 Days – E-mailing a new reader

Ah – I might just catch up on the 31-days-to-a-better-blog challenge yet.

Late yesterday evening I dropped a note to Mike from Yomo who had managed to get around my very-nearly-not-working comment system (now fixed) to add some reflections to this post (funny how so far only the shortest post I've written has illicited any feedback…). Mike has recently started making good use of blogging and Twitter over here on the Late Breakfast Society blog – bringing together members of his team from across the country.

I'd asked Mike in my post if he knew of any other youth work / participation work / youth empowerment bloggers out there. We've not managed to locate many yet… but already from a week of interacting with comments over on Mike's blog , and with the impending arrival of blogging on ParticipationWorks* I'm hopeful and excited about the possibility of being able to develop more of a participation bloggers network.

Hopefully now that comments are working properly on the blog – I can really make effective use of it starting conversations…

*Disclosure: I've been working as a consultant supporting the Participation Works website during its re-launch