One page guide: finding and reading blogs

Finding and reading blogs

This is the next in my series of one-page getting started guides – and the first of quite a few to be posted this evening.

The concept for these guides is fairly simple, although one I'm still experimenting with.

The goal is that each sheet should take someone from not knowing what a particular social media tool is, nor how they would use it – to at least having taken the first steps to using it in a sensible and sustainable way. And it should do that in no more than one side of A4.

So – attached to this sheet is a getting started guide on 'Finding and Reading Blogs'.

You can download this as a PDF for printing, or a word document to edit and adapt for your own use.

If you or the target audience you may use this sheet with have not already started using an RSS reader then you may find it useful to start with this guide on reading RSS/Blog feeds with NetVibes.

Attachment: 6 – Reading Blogs.doc
Attachment: 6 – Reading Blogs.pdf

5 thoughts on “One page guide: finding and reading blogs”

  1. Great work Tim on these one page tutorials. I’ve gathered 3 of my favourites to distribute to elearning beginners.

    When you have some time, can you do some more? I like your style. e.g. digital storytelling with Photo Story or Movie Maker.


  2. Thank you for your practicality! When new users of web2.0 take those first steps and face a confusing brave new world, your guides make it all accessible.

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