Government and young people online

I've just been in a session at BarcampUKGovWeb where we've been talking about how government provides information to young people, and involves young people in conversation with government (although we ran short on time to get onto that second and most important one). There's a lot to be talked about here – and 20 minutes only got us started. Below is a quick mindmap of what I gathered from the discussion:

Young people online

I'd be happy to share the mindmap with anyone else who was in the session who would like to add to it. And very keen to continue the discussion…

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  1. Andy Key of Hantsweb gave an interesting presentation at the last Directgov Open Day about how one local authority has used the Local Directgov functionality to enhance the way it routes interested citizen to relevant local services in its area (and close surroundings outside the county). Might be useful to ask him about his experience of doing it:

  2. Hey Shane

    I don’t think I can generate.mmp from Mindomo online with a free account.

    Would be best in any case to keep updates on a shared map if possible.

    I’ve just shared the map with you for that…

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