Youth Work and Social Networking – interim report out

Picture 16 Just a quick pointer to the Interim Report of the Youth Work and Social Networking project I've been working on with Pete Cranston over the last few months.

This turned into a far longer report and piece of work than I'd anticipated – but I hope it sets out some clear foundations for the next phase of research – working on the practical 'How To' of moving from where we now, to a place where an effective youth work perspective and practice in responding to online social networks is in place.

You can read more on the project blog over here…. and I'd really welcome any feedback or reflections through the comments or by e-mail.

3 thoughts on “Youth Work and Social Networking – interim report out”

  1. You don’t look outside England for your stuff do you? Let’s find a benchmark.

    That Oz guy, bit ronic but nevre mind, the figures look OK, that’s a few images 14 million transactions.

    Teachers, that will be, use Humberside’s cops method, (NSPCC Hotline) potential 700,000. That’s just teachers.

    It’s only a *few* photos, the rest is going to be a serious number, not 14 million, that’s a small number.

    BECTA endorse camra placement or whatever, schoolgirls washing hands, clandestine thing, school uniform, place on jacked site

    It will do more than the BBC site over a few hours 36 at the outset until the sites server explodes, 20 million possible.

    They can find anything and arrive like ants. Childnet, BECTA, CEOP, they’re not inthe game, they’re not even on their way to the stadium.

    How many pedophiles have CEOP arrested without the FBI hand-holding them? would it be one or none? I thik the prob in Blighty,

    is that you’ve idea, you have off-shored your policing to the FBI and your info is managed on the return by spooks, who are very smart.

    Our take, is that CEOP is like MI6 when Kim Philby had it. More of a threat than a help.

  2. Erm, I looked at reliable sources that I could find wherever they were from.

    Which was why I didn’t spend too much time look at the News of the World.

    I think you may be trying to make what could amount to a reasonable point – but in the comment above you’ve not really put it across very clearly.

    I’d be willing to offer you a reasoned response if you can state your point in one or two simple sentences.

  3. That 14 million a real figure, clock 4 percent for teachers. Even Rupert does real numbers from time to time. The 4 percent is from force area policing @ county, I think they just maybe used childline.

    They felt somebody should count something or take a guess at it. In relation to in-country (UK)victimization, teachers have been 80 percent in some areas (at times).

    That camera-shower thing there. That racks up the numbers. BECTA need to get on that case.

    Speaking of which, they’re searching summer camps in the USA re: Brit teachers. You can use that as your ‘reliable’ test. Brit teachers cause more probs than six or seven of our states establishments.

    That’s impressive. If you can’t work out why or how, then go visit Haut de la Garenne for a lesson, the NCIS (now CEOP) were warned about that 15 years ago. Brit teachers do a lot of sex crime from Thailand to Timbuktu

    Jerome Brennan the first grooming template, the pre-CEOPers were warned about him, and they (NCIS) were just not interested.

    I was in the same room with US folks when they got the tip. I was right there listening to the NCIS being warned about a dangerous pedophile. You’ve a few secrets over there.

    Stuffing children in furnaces is Haut de la Garenne, so that’s not so civilized or first world is it? But the pre-CEOP people definitely knew about it a long time ago. All the best.

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