One page guides remixed

Remixed One Page Guide
Remixed One Page Guide

Michele Martin has just dropped me an e-mail with a link to some remixed versions of the one page guides series.

Designed for the Innovation in Learning conference, Michele has remixed the following:

One Pager on Finding-Reading Blogs
One Pager on Flickr
One Pager on Netvibes and RSS
One Pager on Wikis
Social Bookmarking One Pager

You can find the original one page guides they are based on here.

Which reminds me to ask:

  • Have you been using any of the one page guides? Are there other remixed copies out there that I don’t know about?
  • What should be next in the series? I’ve not created any for a while – but I’m hoping to put together one or two new guides soon – what you would like to see?

Update: Lacona Coy has put together a post linking up the One Page Guides with Commoncraft videos for each. A handy getting started reference.

7 thoughts on “One page guides remixed”

  1. Hey – where can I find the ‘map your community’ one page guide? – I had a glance over a paper copy of one at UKYouthOnline, but didn’t pick one up…

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