Do stop me if…

Picture 8I’ve just made it to the end of the first week of term on the MSc course I’m taking full time for the next year.

I’m aware that already my writing style is heading off towards the academic and even-more-verbose-than-usual; and the topics I’m exploring day-to-day are getting relatively specialised.

I’ve been wondering whether I should start another blog for study-related content, but I’ve decided for now, to stick to writing here.

But – this blog is for readers as well as it’s writer. I want to make sure that I can get a sense if readers think the blog is getting too technical. Or indeed, not technical enough.

Speaking at conferences before I’ve used the jargon busting red card system, where everyone in the audience has a red card to hold up should the speaker end up off-topic or using too much jargon. Scary for the person on the podium. But it encourage a great discipline for the speaker to maintain clarity and focus. Seeing a sea of red-cards start to shuffle in the audience certainly helps me to get back on track if I’ve mis-judged how to pitch a presentation.

So consider this post to gift you a virtual red card, and to be an open invitation and encouragement to give your feedback and to help keep this blog useful and practical.

3 thoughts on “Do stop me if…”

  1. Tim – keep it all in one place. My view on this is that maintaining more than one personal blog is a living nightmare. Keep it all here, and leave it to us to filter out the stuff we don’t understand!

  2. I love the red card idea (!), but I can’t really picture it at academic conferences. I think most people would be ashamed to admit they weren’t following the jargon…

    Glad to hear it’s going well for you at OII.

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