Fair Trade Futures – Exploring Ethical Trade 2.0 – 7th November, Oxford

456906620I’ve explored some of the possibilities connected to digital media and Fair Trade on this blog before, but never had chance to get into really good dialogue about the potential and challenges of digitally enabled Fair Trade Futures. So I’m delighted that in 10 or so days time we’ll be devoting at least one session, and hopefully more time with the Open Space discussions in the afternoon, to the topic at the Fair Trade Futures conference in Oxford.

If you’re interested in how the Internet and digital media can be used to…

  • Bring greater transparency to Fair Trade supply chains;
  • Create stronger links between consumers and producers;
  • Support Fair Trade campaigning at a local and national level;

… and you could make it to Oxford on the 7th November – then register for Fair Trade Futures and come to join the discussion. The session on Fair Trade 2.0 I’m convening kicks off around 11, and we’ll hopefully dig deeper into Fair Trade 2.0 in Open Space discussions in the afternoon.

Also at the conference will be themes exploring government’s role in promoting a sustainable textiles industry, speakers from Fair Trade Research and from Fair Trade Businesses, and a Keynote from People Tree founder Safia Miney.

All socially-reported and Amplified by the great Amplified team so even if you can’t make it on the day – you can still get a flavour of the discussions afterwards.

4 thoughts on “Fair Trade Futures – Exploring Ethical Trade 2.0 – 7th November, Oxford”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Congratulations on your upcoming Fair Trade futures conference.

    Would love to come but Brisbane Australia is a bit far away for a day trip. Having said that I was wondering if you or the team were planning on putting any of the conference sessions online or on video?

    Would love to hear about any initiatives you have for this option?


  2. @tiago Thanks for the link – will look into it.

    @scott We hope to have the Amplified Team (www.amplified09.com) capturing some video on the day and getting it online either then or just after… so will blog here as son as the URL for all that is available…

  3. Please keep the human trafficking community advised about this conference. We follow tweets under #trafficking and would appreciate hearing more from you.

    Regards, Carol Fenton

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