Open data for charities: Live online Q&A with The Guardian

This Tuesday (22nd May) I’ll be taking part in a live Q&A from 1 – 3pm UK Time over on the Guardian website to explore what open data might mean for charities. Here’s the blurb:

As the public sector opens up much more of its data, many in the voluntary sector are looking at what open data can do for their organisations.

Ed Anderton from the Nominet Trust recently wrote on the network that “a broad base of organisations using and supplying open data would allow for better understanding of the impact made by the social sector, potentially revealing gaps in provision and providing evidence of the quality of the relationships between funders, public and private sector partners.”

But some charities are still confused by the concept of open data and how it could help them achieve their strategic aims. With this in mind, our live Q&A will consider:

• The $64m question – what is open data?

• The benefits of opening up data.

• How charities of all sizes can include open data into their strategy.

• The challenges that open data presents.

• The support and advice available.

Also taking part on the Q&A panel will be Ed Anderton from the Nominet Trust, David Kane from NCVO, Laura Conrad and Chris Lucas from Barnsley Hospice, and Matthew O’Reilly  from The Indigo Trust.

You can drop in your questions or thoughts on open data and charities in advance in the comment box of this page, or join us on Tuesday when we’ll be online and trying to respond to as many questions as we can.

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