One page guide to Google Alerts

Google AlertsTomorrow the Buzz Off campaign will be launched. The youth led Buzz Off campaign is calling for a ban on mosquito devices, and you can hear the campaign team talking about the mosquito devices in this video.

What has this got to do with Google Alerts? Well – if you're launching a new campaign you probably want to keep track of the sort of coverage it's getting. And it's not just converage in the mainstream press that matters, but converage right across the web. And that's where Google Alerts come in.

Google Alerts lets you set up certain keywords that Google will track for you. As soon as it finds new webpages, blog posts, news stories or documents containing those key words, you get an e-mail to let you know.

So with Google Alerts the Buzz Off campaign can see who is talking about them, and, where that's happening on the interactive web, they can offer input and responses to conversations taking place.

To let members of the campaign know about setting up a Google Alert, I quickly put together this one page guide. It's available as a PDF for printing, and, as with all these one page guides, is creative commons licenced – so you can also download the original Word document and adapt it to meet your needs.

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