No election – the good and the bad

Ok, so we're not going to have an election this autumn. capture2

That's a good thing. It means the project I've been snowed under with that has kept me away from blogging doesn't have to be scrapped because of political purdah*.

But it also means I've now got to go back into overdrive on the project (after slowing down a little on the threat of an election…) so normal blogging service is yet to be resumed…

*A co-incidental bit of shared learning & reflection: In searching for a link for Purdah I discovered that the use of the term is quite contested (the term having it's origins meaning 'curtain' and being connected to Islamic and Indian cultural practices relating to the segregation of women [Wikipedia]). The best description, however, of it's political context that I could find in the top google results was from the very well designed Chester Blogs and reads:

During the six week period prior to local and general elections there is a ban in place on publicising the views of political parties. Issuing press releases or promoting intiatives with quotes and photos from a particular councillor, for example, could be seen as unfairly promoting one political agenda over another. This period is know as a Purdah.

The basic principle is that any activity which could call into question political impartiality or could give rise to the criticism that public resources are being used for Party political purposes is suspended for this time.

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