Is it always easier to blog about blogging?

If I write a post about some facet of social media or reflecting upon blogging (like this one), two things seem to be the case:

  • There are a lot of bloggers reading blogs (or a lot of blog readers blogging). This offers a shared experience.
  • The 'objects' and 'spaces' I might refer to when blogging about social media are available online. I can pepper a post with links that you can follow for context. There offers shared space.

When I want to reflect or ask questions on learning or action which lacks an online component it is, it seems, far more difficult to do that through blogging.

I can't link off to the context on some other site. And without there being shared experience or shared space between blogger and reader, I either need to write in a lot of context for a post, or to risk it failing to capture the essence of the reflection or question.

What's the sollution? Must I stick to subjects with an online component? Bring my own 'social objects' along (which can be tricky when reflecting after the event if you forgot to take photos etc.)? Try and pursuade my 'sector' to live online a bit more so that it can develop a more lively blogosphere?

Most of those I think… but what would your sollution be?

2 thoughts on “Is it always easier to blog about blogging?”

  1. Tim,
    While blogging is not new, it is to many learning professionals. Especially for those of us who are not doing technology delivered content.

    I do think it helps to write about shared experiences like conferences and workshops. It’s a common starting place. Even if you don’t have photos. Which, I might add, is a huge challenge for me even though I am a professional photographer. I seem to be able to either participate or photograph—it’s hard to do both.

    I think we can also provide some of that context for ourselves over time. Backlinking into our own content while we wait for the rest of our colleagues to enter the blogosphere.

  2. Thanks Christine 🙂

    You’re right that writing about shared experiences like conferences works really well. If I look back at the short life of this blog so far, it has been around events and conferences that it’s post-count has accelerated.

    I get the feeling the phrase ‘technology delivered content’ is the key one here. Hmmm, small have to muse on that more….

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