Learning with a Haiku


games make things more interesting

response rates are always lower than expected

we should build in incentives


Ok, it's not strictly a Haiku – it should be in 5, 7, 5 in sylables rather than words, but I thought I would experiment with using the Haiku form to capture learning, inspired by this post from Michelle Martin via Matthew Homann via Christine Martell.

The learning in question? It's about this online game for consultation on workforce development. We've extended the time it's open for to try and increase the rate of responses from young people, although the tight timescale of the project means I've not got the opportunities that I'd like to revise the game to draw on what we've already learnt.

However, if the incentive of knowing that responses to the consultation game could impact on the future of leadership and management training in youth services in England is enough of an incentive for you, then please do encourage any 13- 18 year olds you know to take the time to create their own youth workforce dream teams.

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